Have you ever wondered what happens to your old tyres when you get them changed? Maybe the owner of the tyre shop is using them to build a tyre fort or are they meeting their demise on a real life Springfield Tyre Fire? Whatever happens to them, there is always the odd tyre that finds it’s way to the side of the road or the middle of a field.


Meet Banke from Lagos State, she takes those old tyres and lovingly recycles them to create beautiful furniture.
Banke from Lagos State takes old tyres and lovingly recycles them to create beautiful furniture
Her creative skill was recognized at the second edition of the Lagos State Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Exclusive Fair held yesterday at Teslim Balogun stadium in Lagos.
Old tyres up-cycled to create a masterpiece
Ministry of Commerce shared the pictures on social media with the caption: “Look what we found! Using recycled tyres to create beautiful furniture! Certainly this is creativity at its peak! Amazing!”
I’m sure I could find a place for her creations in my home but I think with a removable or weather resistant upholstery, these would look great around a fire pit in the garden.

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