At Right Deals UK, we love stocking & supplying discount desks for bedrooms, and pieces of furniture which make a big impact in the home. Desks for Bedrooms is a key part of our collections, and we absolutely love how a desk can focus children and drive their interest in homework, school and education.

It’s not just hearsay either, many studies have been carried out and shown that a desk at home, directly correlates with better exam results. Children themselves also report feeling that a dedicated desk at home helps them complete homework, free of distractions. Another massive results of having a desk at the home, is children also study for longer – again, with no distractions for them to waste time with.

There are a few ground rules though, ensure that any desk space is kept tidy and maintained – otherwise the desk, instead of being a haven for studying – will become an extended area of ‘playing space’ Once this simple rule is followed, then your child should have no problems completing their homework and studying on their dedicated desk.

Another benefit, which is not thought about too much – is how much spending time at a desk benefits children in older life. With so many jobs being office, and there desk based – getting used to sitting at a desk and focusing – is not to be underrated.

We also believe that the bedroom is the ideal place for a child’s desk to be placed, as well as not taking up space in any other room in the home – it allows the bedroom to become a place to study in quiet, somewhere completely devoid of household distractions.

Below, we run through a couple of our personal favourite desks – as well as some of our best selling desks:

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