All homes have lovely rooms, and erm – not so nice rooms. Whilst you may take joy in your open plan kitchen space or your cosy living room – it’s rare that you want to spend any time in, looking at or even thinking about your kids messy bedrooms. Whilst there is no excuse for your child’s bedroom to look like a complete bomb has hit it, there are some genuine reasons why you and your child may be finding it really difficult to keep their bedroom tidy – mainly, a lack of storage furniture.

Storage furniture is massively important in a child’s bedroom – storing everything from books and toys, to socks and pants. At Right Deals UK, we supply a fantastic range of kids bedroom furniture – encompassing everything from kids beds, right across to our range of kids bedroom furniture sets, which include wardrobes, chests and bedside cabinets. These bedroom furniture sets not only provide a fantastic level of functionality, but they also look great in the process – all of the furniture is available in a range of stunning and vibrant colour combinations – all are easy to clean, and all have been designed to look fantastic for years to come. Of course, colour combinations ensure that there is the ever popular pink and blue options available for boys and girls.

Supplying this furniture however, did get us thinking about a few different ways to keep childrens bedrooms that little bit tidier and less chaotic. These tips may even prevent you from standing on a piece of lego barefoot!

Get Your Kids Involved

It’s always best to get your children involved in the tidying of their bedroom – as if you just clean their bedroom without involving them within the process, they will just continue thinking that a tidy bedroom is something which ‘just happens’

Speak about Tidying Positively

Instead of getting irritated about tidying up, try to talk about tidying up is a positive light – for example, ‘socks live in the bedside cabinet’

Have Regular Clearouts

One of the most important things to remember about keeping everywhere tidy – is that it’s ok for your and your kids to throw older toys and clothes away, which simply will not be worn or used again. This way, you can keep track of what is in the house – and find a place for all of the new stuff that arrives. Below, you can view a couple of our most popular bedroom furniture sets, and as always – please do just get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection.

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